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About Your Individualized Workouts

Personal Training, In Home Training, Yoga, Pilates in Port St. Lucie, FL

Your private in home personal training workouts will be fun, challenging, and comfortable. Incorporating a variety of resistances (which are supplied) helps keep you moving forward.  This makes each workout unique with my personal fitness training expertise. By utilizing different modalities and techniques, the muscles respond quickly, facilitating your progress with me, your home fitness trainer.

With more than 30 years of experience, Stephanie has the ability, knowledge, and creativity to adapt the exercise program to accommodate your needs.  Expert assistance will help you reach your personal fitness goals. Children, teenagers, mothers-to-be, adults, and seniors can benefit greatly from my home fitness training. Guidance and supervision for nutrition, weight loss, and exercise in your home or office is also offered.

Stephanie in a Client's Home

My private personal fitness training services provide many aspects that can be incorporated into your exercise program, such as:

• Cardiovascular Components (aerobic)
• Stretching
• Toning
• Strengthening
• Improving Flexibility
• Nutrition
•Older Adults 

• Weight Loss
• Yoga
• Pilates
• Medical Recovery
• Prenatal/Postpartum
• Special Needs

• And Much More!

For more infomation on services, please call
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Using many different types of resistance allows you to receive the fitness results you're looking for. My private personal fitness training and healthy nutritional guidance will help you reach your fitness goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle!

Happy Young Teens

Children & Teenagers have gotten a big boost in their confidence and self-esteem after seeing and feeling the results of private personal fitness training. They progress safely, rapidly, and efficiently. In-home fitness training by a certified trainer accommodates their busy and demanding schedules!

Senior Using Weights

Older Adults receive appropriate guidance while obtaining optimum results with personal in-home fitness training. Incorporating good nutrition, being fit and healthy can increase vitality, brighten your outlook, and energize your life! Exercise can be enjoyed!

Wrist with Light Weight Being Aided

Medical Recovery and special needs can be addressed with an in-home private personal fitness trainer.

Advanced Exercisers

Advanced Exercisers can make significant progress with my private home fitness trainer knowledge of using proper form and nutrition to strengthen and tone the body and to effectively build and maintain fitness.

Contact me at (202) 528-0156 for yoga and pilates, in home training, and personal training in Port St. Lucie, FL for an exercise program in your own home.