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Personal Training, In Home Training, Yoga, Pilates | Port St. Lucie, FL


Old Lady Working Out

Spotlight Testimonial from Darlene

"Stephanie Gotfried, Personal Trainer, was referred to me because of weakness due to continuous chemotherapy over a period of six months. I found that my entire body needed strengthening. I could not walk or even get out of a chair without assistance.

Within a short time my comfort level began to return. I could easily get out of a chair and could walk with a cane. This is due to Stephanie's expertise in many areas such as core strengthening, exercise, yoga and Pilates. Her talents do not end there. She treats children, young adults and seniors in areas such as weight management, nutritional guidance and post-polio.

Stephanie comes to your home, which is most convenient, especially if you are housebound or if you just want to strengthen those muscles that have not been used in a long time. She is very upbeat which gives you the determination to want to improve. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who is in need of a personal trainer."

Spotlight Testimonial from Jeffrey

Stephanie and Jeffrey, Working Out

Getting Fit!

Stephanie and Jeffrey, Working Out on Dumbbells

Working the Weight Off!


Jeffrey has been working with Stephanie Gotfried for 1 & 1/2 years!


Many aspects needed to be addressed such as lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and serious medical problems. Medical concerns include type II diabetes, high cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. Initially, Jeffrey could not walk more than a few steps, climb a flight of stairs, lift his arms or bend over to tie his shoes without great difficulty.

Jeffrey says, "I could not rise from a seated posture to get out of bed in a normal way. I would have to slide off the edge of the bed onto the floor, turn over, and use the bed and a small refrigerator as leverage to pull myself into a standing position."


Within a very short period of time, Jeffrey has increased his strength, flexibility and endurance. Muscle tone, core strength and balance are markedly improved! Lifting ten pounds overhead, power-walking, climbing steps and getting through shopping malls are "a breeze", and pleasant activities to do!

Jeffrey says,"small tasks that one takes for granted can now be done easily. From a seat-belted position in the car, I can reach the radio button. Also, I can sit comfortably with both arms at my side and no longer have to keep one arm up to fit into the passenger seat. ***Now, I have the strength not only to rise from a reclining position, but can easily do many repetitions of seated to standing 'squats'!!! WOW!"


Jeffrey is very happy with his fast progress and is thrilled that Stephanie is continuing to make a very positive difference in the quality of his life!


"Normal everyday tasks can now be accomplished without excessive effort. Everything is greatly improved as my life is no longer centered around how far I have to walk or how many steps to climb. Stephanie's willingness to come to my home to work with me in private is a value beyond price. I've tried the gym but it is embarrassing to be there. Stephanie is so gracious and always makes me feel very comfortable. She has put together a safe, efficient and effective program to successfully address all of my complex medical, dietary and exercise needs. This makes me confident that I will continue to reach higher goal levels. There are always a great variety of exercises and equipment to make the sessions fun! This keeps me highly motivated and I always look forward to my next workout meeting!

Stephanie is committed to her clients and maintains the highest standard of excellence."

Jeffrey S.

Stephanie working with Paulette

"Stephanie is a great trainer. She knows how to target training for specific areas that need improvement without causing injury. She also utilizes an amazing variety of techniques, such as working with resistance bands, balls, yoga, pilates and even some dance moves for cardio. Learning how to do exercises correctly is of great benefit, so the work that is done makes a difference in toning up muscles and avoiding injury".


"Working with Stephanie is a pleasure. She helped improve my posture, flexibility and strength in 8 weeks. She was creative in designing exercises that focused on my core and osteoporosis without causing any pain to my foot, knee, and back pain that I often have. After working with her I had less pain and less stress. I strongly recommend Stephanie. She is knowledgeable, patient, and makes exercise fun."


Stretch Rope Workout

Pilate Positions

"Stephanie did a wonderful job with me! We worked together for a few months and in that time I became noticeably stronger and I got to know my body and its perimeters much better than I ever have. When we first met, I was hindered by a running list of medical concerns- yet she was patient and helpful and she built a fitness regime around my ailments that helped get me back on my feet. She is a pleasure to work with! Thanks, Stephanie!"


"I am amazed at the variety of equipment and routines that Stephanie brings to her clients. I don't know how she remembers so many details of what has been used or tried, but it seems that, along with a staple of aerobics and wonderfully soothing stretches, she brings new techniques so that the sessions never become boring or routine."


Male Fitness Workout

More Testimonials!

"Stephanie has really helped me to get back into shape after the birth of my son. Now she’s helping me get in even better shape in preparing for my next baby. Every week is something NEW, which really makes it fun, but still gives me the challenge I need. I’ve been so happy not only with the results, but also with "the journey!"

- Carrie

"I was very out of shape when I became Stephanie's client, but she never embarrassed me or criticized me. Stef encouraged every little improvement until suddenly, other people are commenting on how vigorous I've become."


"Walking up the stairs used to be an effort. I am amazed that suddenly I'm at the top, and I don't even feel like I'm breathing heavily. I owe this to Stephanie Gotfried."
- Tracy

"Stephanie is very discrete and modest. I am very comfortable with her and with the dignity with which she treats me."

- Charlene

"I used to nap every afternoon. Now I have to push myself not to stay up too late. I really have more energy, both mental and physical, since undertaking this regime."

- Joan

"Stephanie's private instruction in my home has offered effective guidance for exercise, weight loss, and good nutrition. She instructs me to use excellent form when performing each exercise. I think Stephanie is the best personal fitness trainer I've worked with!"


"My pants legs are visibly looser, and my sleeves are no longer binding on my arms since working with Stephanie. Shopping and helping my invalid mother no longer wear me out. My quality of life has definitely improved, and I didn't have to lose my dignity to achieve it."

- Mary

"Stephanie never seems to push me too hard, and yet, suddenly, I can reach my toes."

- Katie

"It is so great to have someone come to my home, so I never have to fight traffic, and to be able to cool off and have the privacy and convenience I need. Stephanie's flexibility and reliability make working with her a joy."


"Diabetes runs through my family. Steph is helping me make sure that I become the exception, as she helps me develop more lean muscle and also better nutrition. Working with Steph regularly has helped me sustain my weight loss."

- Sam

"My posture has been poor all my life, but since I've been working with Stephanie, I am walking more erectly and more confidently. I almost feel like I've grown taller."

- Nancy

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